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Dotfiles suck.

20 mars 2009 10 commentaires, , , ,


Dotfiles are where the user configuration is usually hidden on Unix systems. They are responsible for the gigantic difference between ls and ls -a in your home directory.

Why dotfiles suck:

  • They fill up your home directory
  • Managing invisible files is awkward
  • Are they ini-type files ? xml ? sh ? One can’t tell, they don’t have any extension.
  • You can’t easily use any kind of versionning system
  • Configuration files for programs have nothing to do with the window manager used, yet a lot of programs’ configuration is hidden in .kde or .gnome2
  • They fill up your home directory

The solution: programs should place their configuration in ~/.config/. As simple as that. Only a few applications do that. It ought to change.

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