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What is this?

[WordPress Logo] SVN Update is a WordPress plugin which lets you update your WordPress in one click only. In order to use this plugin your WordPress blog must first be installed using SVN.

Using the plugin

Whenever a new WordPress version pops up, just go to your Options / SVN Update page and press Update. And tadaa, you’re at the freshest version of your flavor of WordPress. If ever the database needed an update, reloading the page will prompt you to do so.

If your WordPress install is from a particular SVN branch or tag you may also change the branch URI before pressing Update. Doing so will svn switch you to the new branch, perfect for installing a major release.

Installing the plugin

As you have a handy SVN install, the best way to install this plugin is using SVN‘s externals. To do so open a terminal and cd to your wp-content/plugins directory and type:

$ svn propedit svn:externals .

This will open a text-editor in which you’ll have to add this line: svn-update https://opensvn.csie.org/wordpress_svn_update/ and save. Typing svn update will then fetch the plugin which you’ll have to activate in your WordPress administration.

Now that you have installed the plugin as an external, everytime you type svn update (or use the plugin), the latest version will be pulled from my repository!

If you’d prefer installing this plugin by hand, just drop svn-update.php in your wp-content/plugins.


Issues? Feedback? Please do so by sending an email at [email protected]. My contact page also lists a few other ways to contact me.